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Company Profile

Dakini is established in Taiwan in 2006.

All team members of Dakini are well-experienced people from the industry who have the ability to invent and produce products with the know-how and techniques.


We have much experience in manufacturing and exporting

office furniture (office chair, office table, office sofa).

chair parts (chair arms, caster, chair base, mechanism, plastic shell, gas lift...etc).

public furniture (public seating, stacking chair, Industrial seating...etc).

Our main markets are North America, Europe and South America,,,etc.

We've established long term and good relationship with customers gradually, and become the best partner for each other.


Why You Choose Dakini?

 Choose Dakini for Quality Assurance and Good Service

 Integrate Sources and Create Maximum Value from Own Factory and Sub-factories

Customized Service for Components or Complete Products are Welcome

Stable and Reasonable Price

 Different Product Levels at Different Prices Levels are Optional

One Stop Shopping-Create Extra-Value of Service

For Customer's Convenience, We Consolidate Products and Accept Small Quantity Order


Key Values of Dakini

 Choose Dakini For Quality Assurance and Good Service

Not easy to find reliable suppliers in China.

1) Most suppliers don't accept small quantity order.

     They prefer big quantity order and low quality demand.

2) Many suppliers break words of quality assurance and delivery time,

     Many buyers had bad experiences and paid price for experiences.


To Integrate Sources and Create Maximum Value from Own Factory and Sub-factories
Mr. Roger Lin said: "Although we have very good techniques, we don't position ourselves as a techniques oriented business but expect to integrate good sources and create maximum value from own factory and sub-contract factories."
"In order to ensure quality, we supply materials and techniques to sub-contract factories to save production cost and reduce operation risk."
Mr. Lin added: "We integrate different advantages of products from different sub-contract factories, and suplly best solutions per our customer's need."


Customized Service for Components or Complete Products are Welcome

In order to save time and cost for clients, we are willing to find good solution for clients' special request.

There are plenty of resource and sub-factories in Taiwan and China. It is easier to find good solution.


Stable and Reasonable Price

We offer good quality products and service at reasonable prices.


 Different Product Levels at Different Prices Levels are Optional

In order to meet different market's request, different product levels at different prices are optional.


For customer's convenience, we consolidate products and accept small quantity. 
In spite of few international customers are able to place huge quantity orders, most customers prefer to consolidate several products in a shipment.
Although it is more complicate, we still regard it as normal service.


One Stop Shopping-Create extra-value of service.

Taiwan and China are developed for the Industry of Processing and Manufacturing.

In the past years, we've found good sources and solutions per customer's additional request and create extra-value for customers.

One Stop Shopping saves customer's time and cost, and ensure good quality.

Not only our products but also other inquiries are welcome. We will do our best to meet your need.

We are looking for Importers, Manufacturer, wholesalers, agency and any other possibility of cooperation. If you need more information, please contact us.




TEL: +886-3-5329008   FAX: +886-3-5329012